After serving a long sentence in federal prison, Roberto Camajan, 72, moves into his son's home in Miami, Florida. Roberto has lost the functionality of his right hand and is driven to find a way to communicate with Barbara Walters and report the travesty of what has happened to his hand. Now, living with his son Alejandro and Jessie Blomethal, his son’s wife, and Tychee, Alejandro's son from another marriage, Roberto must confront a new world of challenges. A world of technology, pool parties, his son’s fussy in-laws, the threat of being sent to a retirement home, and facing his cantankerous ex-wife, Carmensa. Roberto will realize that the open scars of the past never went away and has to come to terms with what happened to his hand being both a curse and a blessing—a story about family ruptures, forgiveness, and love.
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